Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time of need.


It is sometimes a struggle for me to appear so vapid and frivolous as to talk about Forever 21 when there are other startling and horrific things going on in the world. I would never present myself as someone who is always "in the know" or someone who frequently sits down to discuss current events, however I do know more than shoes and Etsy shops. I have opinions and thoughts, especially about the Gulf Oil Spill. You can now see the oil spill from space. From space. This has become dire, this has been dire. Nature is being destroyed. Lives are being forever changed.

I also know that you do not come here for news, nor this type of information, so there will be no diatribe from me. Instead I have found a fundraiser that seems to fit in perfectly with what I do here. Thanks to For Me, For You for pointing me in the right direction.

My Love for You has created a Gulf Fundraiser that will open on Monday, June 28th at 2 pm [CST]. As of yesterday there are 83 confirmed artists and print shops who will donate one hundred percent of the proceeds from their work to The Gulf Restoration Network. So please visit The Big Cartel Shop on Monday and, if you are so inclined, purchase something to help in this time of need.

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