Friday, June 18, 2010

A new mission.

I saw this on Design Crush yesterday and it kind of took my breath away. It is for this reason that I need to start reading again more regularly. These moments are great, but what I truly appreciate [and it is much akin to this] is when an author can articulate a thought that I never fully understood before. I've always had a strength in emotions, being able to feel and emote and relate to others emotionally, but being able to articulate how and what I am feeling has never come easily to me. I can work my way up to it, but it's so refreshing when someone succinctly says what has been rambling around my head for too long. Moments like these always catch my breath.

I used to try to write down all of these snippets of truth to my life, but have woefully fallen behind. Or really, had sort of forgotten that mission in my life. Much like many other missions that I was once so strong in pursuit of; remember when I meditated and loved it? Yeah, it's fuzzy for me too. I can never decide if these are lost battles, or something needed in a time of my life that has since been fulfilled. Most of the time I feel like the latter is just a rationalization. For you see, consistency and follow-through have never been my strong suit. But I digress.

I need to start reading again. Why don't you give me some suggestions of books you've read and loved? I generally like emotional, character-driven stories, but that's kind of a given, right?

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