Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Which of these do you prefer? I know the second pair is kind of out of control, but they'll be the only piece of jewelry that I'd wear. Oh right, for the wedding THIS WEEKEND!! I have a purple dress and want to wear some fun earrings. The first pair is more subdued and seems like the obvious choice, but I wanted to get your opinion.

Also, sorry for the photos. I took them with my iphone and the hipstamatic app, which I downloaded right before taking these pictures. Uhh, obviously. Hopefully I'll get a better hang of it sooner rather than later.

After writing this post I realized that I wasn't really happy with either choice and went back for more. Hence, the turquoise pair, which I totally think I am going to wear. I like how the blue juxtaposes the purple and they seem fitting for an outside wedding. Also, I think I'm going to save the second pair for Christmas. Don't they kinda look like Christmas trees? Or at least, Christmas ornaments.


Bridgid said...

Love the turquoise with purple idea. To quote Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, the "fun, frisky use of color" is perfect for a summer wedding. And mos def hold to that second pair. I can see you rockin' those.

just a girl said...

I should take all my fashion tips from Romy and Michelle's HIgh School Reunion!

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