Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New purchase.

I acquired these lovely vases on Saturday; I decided to mosey on over to Andersonville by my lonesome and check out some of the lovely home decor shops it has to offer. I sometimes like doing those things on my own, it makes me feel independent and adult-like. I so rarely feel adult-like. I digress... Definitely made the jackpot with this purchase. For some reason there were some blow-out sales happening. Home Accents was having a 40% off sale and I was able to pick up all of three of these vases for a fraction of the original price. Suweet!!

Also, I realize you can kind of see me in these photos. My own Where's Waldo extravaganza! Remind me to tell you the story of when I dressed up like Workout Barbie and went to the mall with two of my girlfriends who proceeded to take pictures of me and my pink-and-white-striped leotard from afar to put together our own version of Where's Workout Barbie. Yes, that actually happened.

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