More about me.

The bangs are back!!  Thought I should show my newest self on the blog.  This is me.  For now, at least.  

I figured it was about time I showed my mug around these parts.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous 'bout that, but what can you do?  Post a picture.  That's what.     

I'm a 20-something former actor with a current desk job that pays the bills. At this point in my life I'm trying to find a new career path, or just a career path in general! Fashion, well, actually style, became a major interest for me a couple years ago and writing this blog has only fortified that passion. And yes, I am not afraid of sequins.

I decided to start this here blog in order to make tangible something that I did every day.  I love the internet and all it has to offer, and have spent some pretty long hours on it.  Instead of wasting time, I've now created a legitimate hobby.  Thank you, blog!

I hope to make some goals and be a little more focused around here, but for now I'm going to start with introducing myself.  Originally I had planned to remain somewhat anonymous, but now decided to throw that to the wind, obviously.  Sooo, welcome to my face, friends.          

This page will grow and change with time.  Because let's face it, I love to talk about me! 

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