Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speaking of shoes.

First things first, this picture doesn't nearly do these shoes justice; they are so much cuter in person. For real. I was on the bus yesterday on my way home from work. [Sidenote: It took me AN HOUR to get home from work, it usually takes 20 minutes. It took me 40 minutes just to get on a bus! There is nothing worse than waiting for what seems like forever for a bus only to see it pull up completely full. Over and over again. Okay, I'm done bitching.] After I finally got on a bus I ended up standing near a most stylish lass wearing these shoes, which completed a perfectly put-together casual outfit.

Near the end of the bus ride [at least for me] she accidentally hit my leg and apologized. I took this break in silence to compliment her on her shoes. She told me she got them from Bakers. What?! Then she was kind enough to tell me the brand, so I could find them easily on their website. This was the moment where I vacillated between telling her I had a blog and remaining mum. I ultimately decided against telling her just because it was so weirdly quiet in there; the only thing people could do around me was listen, and I was surely too embarrassed to announce to a crowd of strangers that I cultivate a blog of materialistic goodies.

This is when it got awkward for we ended up getting off at the same stop. Me after her. I, for a second, considered asking to take her picture since we were out of the silence, but then I was convinced she thought I was following her. So I walked away. Said nothing and just walked away. Eee gad. That was awkward.

Anyway, she left me with some super cute hot pink shoes. Well, she didn't leave them with me, you know what I mean.

Oh, and they come in grey and black. She told me they also came in mustard and I was bummed when that color choice wasn't offered online, but it may be in one of their stores. Who doesn't want a pair of adorable mustard shoes? Did I mention that they are $30? Sold.


assistantedelanguevivtante said...

I am not a woman of many shoes.
But that doesn't mean I won't swoon at a perfect pair.
And these are a perfect pair of shoes.

just a girl said...

I am glad to be of service. =) You should totally get them!

assistantedelanguevivtante said...

Instead of telling you this in person, I insist on posting again because it's more fun that way!

NO YOU need to get these shoes!
You NEED to get these shoes.
I just meant that I'm not really a shoe gal but even I totally approve of them.

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