Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Countdown.

Remember how I asked all you good people for a teal shoe hunt?  Thank you all for your help, and really the shoes were all amazing, but I decided to go another way.  Hello, fuchsia!

Above you will find the dress I am wearing to my friend's -- Hi, Katie!! -- wedding.  In two weeks.  Oh.My.Goodness!  [Sorry for the small photo.  Macy's, can you work with me on that?  Is it really that hard?] 

I liked all the shoe suggestions you gave me, really I did.  I just decided that I needed something of a substantial heel and one that lived below four inches; that is so much harder to find than it should be!  I'm a tall lady, one who sees the heights of 5'9'' while barefoot and doesn't need five more inches to feel like a giant.  Four [if we're being technical here, they're actually 3 3/4] is actually too much for me as well, but it is SO hard to find great shoes in a smaller heel.  Shoe designers out there, can we do something about that?!  Please?

Question:  How do you feel about the plum/fuchsia combo?  I'm thinking it will either be AMAZING or just plain silly.  I'm waiting to see it in person before I make a judgment, but I have my fingers crossed for AMAZING.  And, let's face it, it's shocking that I don't yet own a bright pink pair of heels.

Also, I don't own that clutch.  I don't have the $400 required for its procurement, but it sure is purty, right?  I found it in the new Lonny [which you should totally read] and can now think of nothing else.  Stay tuned while I come up with cheaper, less heart-stopping options.


Katie said...

Two weeks is so soon! Also, you know I feel about the fuchsia shoes :)

just a girl said...

So soon! I'm going to point out to the internet world that you LIKED the fuchsia shoes, just in case it wasn't clear. =)

Marissa said...

Ooh... I love the plum and fuchsia! I think it's a much better choice than teal. Have fun at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm...sparkly shoulders.

just a girl said...

I'm so glad you approve, Marissa!

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