Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm struggling for posts for today.  It happens sometimes.  I had the haircut last night, then talked to my mom for too long, and had to give Buster his medicine.  Sooooo, yeah.  I'm struggling for a post.  Since I can't think of anything else I figured I'd tell you a fun story.  [Sorry for those in my life who've already heard it.]

My sister has a five year old in her life at this time.  Bronson.  Bronson's the best.  [So is Jordan, the nine year old!  But this story is not about her.]  Sometime last week my sister texted me a picture of an adorable Bronson missing his big, front tooth.  It was decided that a dollar would be fitting because it was a front tooth and a dollar made this Bronson veeerrrryyy happy.  So happy that he came home from school the next day with his SECOND big tooth missing.  Then a few days later, a third went missing.  [This kid obviously likes his cash!]  When he started working on his fourth tooth in the car my mom made an executive decision...

Mom Cell:  Hello, Tooth Fairy!
Me:  Uhhhhh, hi???
Mom Cell:  I'm here with Bronson and he's pulling his teeth out, so I told him we would call the Tooth Fairy and she would talk to him.  Can you talk to Bronson about not pulling his teeth out, Tooooth Faaaiiirryyy??
Me:  Really?  We're gonna do this?  Uh, okay.

[phone passed to Bronson]

Me:  [in light, airy voice] Hellloooo, Bronson.  It's the Tooth Fairy!  I've heard you've been pulling your teeth out.  It's a rule I have that I can't visit the kids who pull their teeth out.  I can ONLY visit you if your teeth fall out on their own.
Bronson:  BUT, you visited me before!
Me:  Well, yes, but that was when your teeth fell out, right?  Are you going to stop pulling your teeth out so I can come visit you again?

[Bronson hangs up on me]

Bronson:  The Tooth Fairy is MEAN and I am NEVER talking to her again!!!
Sister:  Bronson, are you going to pull out any more teeth?
Bronson:  [pause] No.

Another job well done!  Feel free to give me a call if you need to terrify a child into submission.


D&D said...

flippin HILAR

Taylor said...


this free bird said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! that's freaking awesome. i wanna hear the voice you used too!!

let's see this haircut...i need one so bad and am scared it'll get trashed.

this kid pulling his teeth out is a total entrepreneur!!


JonathanFitness said...

You knew the conversation after he hung up? You really ARE the Tooth Fairy aren't you?

By the way, the natural progression is catching Bronson looking through the cell phone for Santa.

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