Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miss Marc Giraffe and more.

I've had this dress sitting in my Polyvore for quite some time; I loved it the first time I saw it. Then I found those shoes and wanted desperately to find a way to combine the two. I'm not sure if it is the most successful outfit, but I was trying to do something different. (I feel like everything I've created so far is kind of predictable.) It all came together thanks to the giraffe earrings, aren't they awesome?! I'm not even really sure where someone would wear this puppy, but whoever would, I'd like to be their friend. Or really, if someone wanted to buy me those earrings, I'd be their friend, too.

BUT. I just wasn't finished with this lovely dress*. I thought I'd come up with something else for it. I went for the same feel and use of the dress, though I'm sure you could dress it down just as well. (two uses of the word dress in one sentence!) I wanted to show that you can make one dress have so many different feelings, for lack of a better word, to it due to accessories. These two outfits would be worn by very different ladies, but could show up at the same place.

*If you can't tell, I went a little Polyvore-crazy this weekend. Putting together these outfits requires more patience than the week can afford me. Although, as I'm typing this I'm realizing you won't know that I did these during the weekend due to my scheduled postings. Ah well, I created all the outfit posts over the weekend. There.

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