Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smell this.

Has anyone ever used a travel candle? I've seen them in magazines and online for years and have always wondered if anyone used them. The name makes them seem ubiquitous, no? I like the idea of carrying a comforting, familiar scent with you to make you feel at home wherever you may be. But it also seems kinda ridiculous to light up a candle in someone else's home. Perhaps they're meant for hotels mainly, but I don't really spend my time traveling in hotels. Can you imagine? "Excuse me, Mom. I was thinking your guest bedroom could use a different smell. Oh, no worries, I brought one with me." It seems kind of bourgeois to me. So bourgeois I just may get me one. Especially if they really smell like lilac or gardenia. I bet that would make my mom jealous!

ps This picture doesn't nearly do them justice, but Lafco doesn't seem to want to share their pictures.

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