Thursday, June 17, 2010

This elephant forgot me.

Don't you hate it when you sit on things and then miss out? I had my eye on this elephant planter on etsy, but decided to wait because well, I've gone a little bedroom decor crazy and need to settle for a bit. But I thought he would be perfect, no matter where he ended up in my place. Guess someone else thought so, too.

I think I'm trying to create my own menagerie. I already own an owl lamp, which I adore and have for the past two or so years that I've owned it. And then I'm still thinking about this pink fawn. Remember him? He has already gone down ten dollars! [I understand talking about this guy is antithetical to the post due to my price watch, but I think vintage and Urban Outfitters are two very different things. Even if they don't want to admit it.] Well, add ol' elephant planter and we'd have ourselves a menagerie. Too bad someone out in the world doesn't want me making Tennessee Williams jokes all the time.

Well, the Universe [yup, capitalized] should know that I have my eye out for a white elephant planter. And not just because I went to the White Elephant last weekend and tried to buy every elephant figurine they had in the joint, only to be told that they weren't for sale because...they are the White Elephant. Like people don't already know that. Not just because of that.


Emilie said...

I want you to make Tennessee Williams jokes all the time.

just a girl said...

I knew you would! Out of anyone, I knew you would. Also, thanks for reminding me that I needed to change that use of an apostrophe. Last night I knew it was wrong, but forgot to change it. =(

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