Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outfit Tuesdays: Neon Lights.

Neon Lights.

Who has jumped on the neon train?  I haven't yet, but I might if I had enough bones for this bag.  Chevron and neon?  Well, well, well!  Color me intrigued.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Be Brave.

I could stand to be a bit more brave in my life.  Couldn't we all? 

Who watched the HBO show Girls?  I was OBSESSED with Girls, like I'ma-gonna-stalk-Lena-Dunham obsessed with Girls.  I'ma also gonna talk about the last episode, so if you haven't seen it yet skip on ahead.  One of my favorite parts was during the fight between Adam and Hannah and she screams that she is more scared than anyone and he tells her she's not allowed to be.  I love that!  Who hasn't felt more scared than everyone else around them?  At least, I know I have.  For sure.  And I'm definitely not allowed to be more scared; life isn't harder for me than other people.  In fact, it is most decidedly easier.

Be brave, Laura.  Otherwise life is gonna pass you by.  This print is a beautiful and in your face reminder I could get behind.        

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Paul" Official Video - Baby Teeth.

Everyone must watch this video!  If you love the best of the best 80s movies then you must watch this video.  Hence, everyone must watch this video!

Let's all have a moment of silence for the now disbanded Baby Teeth.

Now, wipe away those tears and see what a beaut they left behind.  Happy Friday, all!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ready to Stand.

I admit it: I’m late to this game and shamefully so.  Not only was I aware of Chick-fil-A’s tie to anti-gay organizations via their WinShape Foundation, but I was also willing to turn a blind eye.  My only excuse is, damn, I loved that stupid fast food!  It reminded me of home and was delicious to boot (if you’re into that whole fried in peanut oil thing, which, frankly, if you’re not I don’t think we can be friends).  But that is the worst excuse in the whole history of excuses and if Dan Cathy can come out to say he’s “guilty as charged” then so can I.  I’m guilty of being a hypocrite and not acting upon my beliefs. 

So, here I stand to say that I, too, join the Chick-fil-A boycott. 

It must be done; I cannot knowingly support an organization that does not believe in equal rights for all human beings.

The Muppets were definitely a kick in the gut, but truth be told, Chick-fil-A lost my patronage when I saw this:

Lying is not a Christian value and has repercussions unlike any breach of the “biblical definition of the family unit” ever could.  You should be ashamed. 

Art, Meet My Walls.

I bought this poster (13x19) on Amazon for THREE DOLLARS!  Okay, okay, it turned out to be $7 with shipping [don't you love when shipping is more than the item itself? (cough, cough, IKEA)], but isn't is absolutely lovely?

It's currently sitting on my floor below two books while it flattens.  I've been gone so long I haven't told you that I moved apartments!  Well, I did.  And finding new pieces to put on my wall has been super fun.  I know that this piece will be with me for a long time for I am smitten. 

Pssst... I also bought this one!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit Tuesdays: Summer in the City.

Summer in the City.

Summer in the City. by justagirlandherstuff featuring strappy sandals

It's been SWELTERING in the city this summer.  If the story box (tv for those who aren't ridiculous) is to be believed it's been hot everywhere.  The world is ending and I stand by the fact that I called this beyond balmy summer way back when everyone was rejoicing over the mild winter.  Extreme weather, folks; it's real.  Al Gore ain't lying.  

I'd be way more upset if I didn't recently move into a place with a pool.  That pool is riiiillllll nice.  

While not lounging at the pool I'd be running around in a breezy dress with fabulous patterns and a pop or two of color.  Is everyone else dying over that Marc Jacobs watch??  I can't stop scrolling up and staring like it's my long-lost love.  

Rose met Jack.  

I met Marc('s watch).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear June Shop.

I've been obsessed with this scarf since seeing it, oh, about two-three months ago.  Do you think I should splurge and get it?  It just seems so cozy and abstract and pretty all at the same time.  Don't you think?  I feel like it would work in all seasons and would be one of those things that I'm always grabbing while running out the door.  Or I could buy it, wear it once, and stow it away in the closet.  Oh, how sad that would be, though.  So sad!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

She's Back.

 image via NME
Fiona.  Fiona.  Fiona. 

I am beguiled.  I am smitten.  I am jealous.  I am in awe. 

Let’s pretend that it hasn’t been two months since I last posted because all I want to talk about is the greatest concert I went to last night.  Yes.  The greatest concert I went to last night.  I know. 

I had never seen Fiona Apple live, but always considered myself a fan.  Her new album (can we call it a comeback? what constitutes a comeback?) was just as great as I had hoped and I was beyond pumped for the concert.  Unsurprisingly, she was late to her own party.  I‘m not the most savvy of concert-goers, but almost two hours post-start time seems a bit dramatic to me.  I was annoyed; thinking of the Tuesday night and early alarm in the morning.  (Yes.  I am now THAT person.)  But then she showed up.  Levitated onto stage (not really) and all was forgiven.

Dear God.  She is the weirdest person I don’t know.  She moved in the most insane ways and I could not get enough of it.  My mouth was agape.  I couldn’t peel my eyes from the stage. 

I surprisingly sang every word, as if I had lived my life specifically for this moment.  Who knew I remembered all those lyrics?  Lord knows I barely know the last thing that came out of my own mouth much less someone else’s thoughts from years ago.  But I did.  And I made everyone else around me uncomfortable by singing along.  I couldn’t help it!  (I wasn't the only one, I promise.) Transfixed by her bizarre elbows and knees and throaty screams I moved in sequence in my seat; a drone of a bleeding heart. 

I don’t know how many times she ended up on the floor.  Straight.up.hands.and.knees.on.the.floor.  It was amazing.  Awe inspiring.  And embarrassing all at the same time.

She said only four words other than singing and I don’t even know what they were besides a shrill “GOOD NIGHT” at the end of her encore (a cover which blew everyone away).  I hate when artists don’t talk in concerts, but her performance was so raw and strange and unlike her recorded versions I didn’t care. 

I would pay to see it seven more times.


That’s the number I decided upon.

Fiona.  Fiona.  Fiona.

RUN.  Don’t walk if she’s coming your way.
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