Monday, November 8, 2010

Wish I were here.

Mondays always come too quickly, yes?  Even though we had an extra hour yesterday I am still feeling haggard and tired.  I want to spend my day in this room!  I want to crawl into this bed and read books or stare out that window.  Or let's face it, just stare at that crazy ostrich on the wall. 

I saw it on The Decorista and you have to jump over to see what this room looks like now, and the rest of the apartment.  It is all too beautiful for words.

Especially words by me.

On a Monday.   


Marissa said...

Just clicked over to the post, and I want to live there! I don't think I would ever leave my apartment if it looked like this.

just a girl said...

I know! It is beyond swoon-worthy! I would kill to live there.

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