Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cotton candy.

Holy Cow!  I saw this dress and literally gasped out loud.  I want to walk around my house in this dress.  ALL.THE.TIME.  It'd be like my own version of a housecoat.  Let's just not mention the fact that I'd be one big step closer to Mrs. Havisham.  We won't mention that. 

Doesn't it remind you of Grease?  The dance scene?  The dress that that one annoying chick wears and one of the boys lifts up the skirt when she's on camera?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about!  It certainly reminds me and I've always wanted to live in Grease.  Though I'd much rather be the "bad" Sandy.  I used to dress up like her when I was little girl.  Sad, but true story.  God forbid I'd want to be the wholesome, lovely Sandy.  Oh no, I wanted the perm and the skintight bodysuit, and I even had the candy cigarettes which I would stomp on and say, "Tell me about it, stud."  Yeah.  Let's move on.

I want this dress.      


samantha. said...

um, love that dress! i bought a 1950's vintage dress for my wedding, and i had something like that (but in white) in mind!

i keep having cravings to watch grease and no one will watch it with me!


Bridgid said...

I want it. That dress is definitely speaking to the 6-year-old girl in me.

this free bird said...

yowsa! now that is SOME dress!! (kinda like in charlotte's web when they say now that is SOME pig b/c wilbur's AMAZING)

and how crazy that we both mention grease today???


just a girl said...

Ooo, Sami, I bet that dress is incredible. And I'd totally watch Grease with you!

Bridg, I wish I could give it to you for your birthday.

Carrie, I LOVE Charlotte's Web!

Julie Holloway said...

How fun is your blog, Laura? I am glad I can bring you a little slice of home...glad to see that people actually escape Alpharetta :)

Have a great weekend...Julie

Kristin W said...

Grease!!! That is one of my all time favorite movies. I also laughed that you and Carrie both talked about Grease today. And the dress TOTALLY reminds me of the one in the movie!

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