Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inexpensive art.

Thanks for the great idea, Apartment Therapy.  I never know what to do with the wide expanse of a blank wall and I think these painted ceiling medallions would be a perfect solution.  I'm especially drawn to those creamy yellows, and I don't even like yellow.  Round it all out with that delightful small tulip table and I'm smitten. 

You can find cheap ceiling medallions at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and hit them up with paint, if you are so inclined.  I can't imagine hanging them should be much of a problem, since they're meant to be on the ceiling; I'm sure they're not too heavy.  Voila!  You have yourself some inexpensive DIY art for your big, blank wall. 


SAMI. said...

prettttty you could totally get a bunch of objects and spray paint them all the same color and assemble them on your wall!


just a girl said...

You are so right, Sami! I am not much of a DIY person myself, but this seems easy enough.

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