Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wanted: Lipstick Fairy.

Sterling Style did a post about how to wear bright colored lipstick and Refinery 29 talked about make-up that lasts yesterday and it got me thinking, lipstick-wise.  I've always wanted to try the bright lipstick trend, but chicken out every time I try it.  In fact, I don't want to admit how many unused lipsticks I currently have in my possession that mostly reside on fragments of toilet paper because I quickly wipe them off before I exit my abode.  The problem is I, obviously, haven't found the right shade for me.  Or at least one I'm comfortable in.

Ya see, I'm a fair lady that can tend towards the rosy side of the team.  I am dying for the bright pink shade of my dreams, but always seem to find something that only brings out the rosiness in my skin; something that I'm not dying to showcase.  Maybe I should go for the orange, but that's more than a little terrifying.  And the red I have is quite dark and not the tomato-y red that I have in my head.  Welcome to my lipstick nightmares.

Which lipsticks do you guys prefer?  Do you have certain shades or brands that you like over others?  How do you deal with the whole trial and error thing?

I want a lipstick fairy.


Taylor said...

I am just like you, i never wear lipstick. And gasp I have even been known to throw on cover up over my lips to tone down the pink!

My mom wore bright red every day of my childhood, I think I am scarred! Although I would like to try it, I know I probably never will!

Marissa said...

This is the story of my life! I think I'll go to the Nars counter one of these days and get some color help. Chanel Rouge Coco is great, too, but I can't seem to find the right color.

just a girl said...

Taylor, I've totally put cover up on my lips too! It definitely works!

Marissa, I love the idea of having a really lux lipstick. I'd carry that Chanel anywhere!

samantha. said...

funny that you should show a picture of the new mac line, because i just got a gorgeous color from that collection called "love forever" it is sooo pretty! and bright pink. it goes on like a chapstick.

if you are looking for red, i have actually had great luck with one from the body shop that is fairly inexpensive AND doesn't bleed everywhere! which is the worst!

give it a whirl!
and don't be afraid to try a bold lip! it's the cheapest accessory out there these days!


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