Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloweenie Weekend.

Thank god for the weekends!  I am officially beat and actually kind of sick [so please excuse this random and thrown together post], and I am definitely taking it easy this weekend.  Halloween is not really my thing anyway.  Er, I sound like such a party pooper, but I'm just not feeling it this year.  Though, I do love me a good scary movie and will probably watch one of those this weekend.  Or maybe Twin Peaks.  I've had the complete series of Twin Peaks sitting on top of my DVD player FOREVER and really need to get on it.  I think it'll be part of my wedding present to Mike to actually watch it because it is his and, like I said, I've had it FOREVER.  I'll most likely end up watching Real Housewives, who is kidding who.

Thanks for all the Buster love, friends!  I was so happy to read all of the great things said!  Especially how cute Buster is; of course I think he is the cutest, but it's always nice to hear when other people think so, too. I'm sure he'll pop up again in the future.

This is really random and I really don't want to start the snark up in this place, but I gotta get this out.  I hate, absolutely hate those Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein commercials!  Arrrrggghhhh.  The ones where she is lying around in her underwear talking about just some of the craziest things I've ever heard.  If I hear the phrase, "I like the mornings, too" come out of her mouth one more time I am going to scream!  I can't pinpoint really why it bothers me so much, other than it seems so gratuitous and pointless at the same time.  I am sure I'm just jealous because I certainly don't look anything like that in my underwear, but it Drives Me Crazy every time I see it.  Who is she talking to??  I don't care about your bow and arrow skills, for god's sake.  Ugh.

Okay, sorry about that.  I'm moving on...

What are YOU GUYS up to this weekend??  Tell me all about your fun costumes, I'm dying to hear!  I hope you all have a blast and I'll see you back here on Monday, hopefully able to breath through my nose.          


D&D said...

maine tourist by day, owl by night

Marissa said...

It's not just you - I hate that ad! "Better when a guy cries..." What?

this free bird said...

mmmmkay? i am so not a halloween person either. and who are we kidding? we get enough horror every time bravo plays any of the real housewives shows anyway (hehe). i loved the buster post. keep 'em coming!

and have a great weekend!

ps-they need to yank that zoe saldana ad. i cringe every.time. i see that mother.

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