Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Should I?

Yes, please.  I saw this beauty on Refinery 29 and was ecstatic to find out it was from Zara.  It's quilted!  It has a chain strap!  It's grey!  Now I just need to walk the five blocks to see if my store has it.  Too bad it's super windy outside.  Who wants to walk to Zara on Michigan Ave to check and see for me?  I'll buy you Chick-Fil-A when it comes to Water Tower.   


Taylor said...

ok two things, CHK-FIl-A is COMING TO WATER TOWER??????? OMG it is my favorite, and the Hubs will just die - he is from the south! (When is it opening?)

second, just walk their!!! you will survive!

Marissa said...

If only I was in Chicago... then I'd walk to Zara and pick up one for each of us!

Marissa said...

For some reason I just assumed Michigan Ave. is in Chicago. Am I right?

just a girl said...

It IS, Taylor! But not for some time, so long I don't even remember the date. I'm thinking years, though. Boo! And yes, I should totally just walk there. I'm just lazy. =)

You're right, Marissa! Michigan Ave is in Chicago. Well done!

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