Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fringe Benefits.

It seems my decision has been made for me.  I've talked about my inability to decide whether or not to go back to the bangs here.  God, that seems like forever ago!  Oh how I laugh at my naive hope and plea for fall weather; little did I know that I'd be wearing sundresses in the middle of October.  Mother Nature really likes to play with my heart strings.  But, that is not my point.

My point is I saw this little lady and immediately touched my forehead as if searching for a phantom limb.  Yes, that scarf is amazing, but let's not get distracted here, folks.  For today is all about the bangs.  I want 'em.  Back.  On my forehead.

I will make this happen.  Post-wedding.  Not my wedding.  Unless you're new here [hi! welcome!] you know my girl is getting married in TEN DAYS.  Aaaahhhh!  I've randomly decided that my Fancy Hair looks better without bangs and will arbitrarily wait until after the nuptials to chop the fringe.*  Then fall can officially commence.  Did you hear that, Chicago??  Fall.  I want it.

The thing is I learned that the growing out period was not as painful as I had imagined it to be.  Though it could be like childbirth and I've just blissfully forgotten all the really painful bits [not that I know the first thing about childbirth], but I refuse to be negative.  The bangs are back, bitch.  [Sorry, I've been watching Glee.]

*That is, when I actually get the nerve the make an appointment with Maria.  I'm terrible at setting and keeping regular hair appointments and fear the hairdresser wrath.     


Taylor said...

If I looked like that chick, I too would have bangs...alas curly hair and bangs are no good - just ask I know, I cut them about every-way-to-often then stupidy work to grow them back out again!

D&D said...

when i saw this pic, i too wanted bangs. she is adoreballs.

Lara said...

This is inspirational. My bangs are about that length right now. I need to work that updo.

just a girl said...

I would kill for curly hair, Taylor. We all want what we can't have!

You're right, if we all looked like this, bangs would not even be an option, Laura.

And, Lara, your hairdo totally looked like hers tonight. I'm impressed!

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