Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please indulge me.

It's been one year to the day since I've adopted Buster.  I can't believe it!  Seriously, this year has gone by so quickly and I'm sure he had a little somthin somthin to do with it.  I always had pets as a kid, generally cats, but Buster is all mine.  Hands off, brother!  Hands off, sister! [Did any of you used to fight over whose cat belonged to whom?  We totally did. (And, by the way, Tiger was totally MINE.)]  I was nervous to adopt a cat of my own, especially when I bonded with Buster, my Special Needs cat. 

I adopted Buster from PAWS, an awesome No Kill shelter in Chicago.  He is FIV+, which is basically HIV for cats.  Ya see, Buster lived on the streets for the first year of his life and a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do [I'm not really sure what I mean by that, but I'm gonna stick with fighting].  No one really adopts Special Needs cats for fear that they'll get sick and be more costly, and Buster lived in the shelter for over a year.  But I found him on the website and knew it was meant to be.  For real, the volunteers and workers at PAWS just gasped when I said I wanted to adopt Buster; someone told me I was going to heaven for doing so.  For reals.  ANYWAY, things are good and he's healthy and the best kitty a girl can ask for. 

Ummm, did I mention he doesn't have teeth?  They had to pull most of them out because of gingivitis or something [I told you, Special Needs].  Sooooo, sometimes his lip gets stuck on his gums and he ends up looking like this...

Or my personal favorite, this...

But mostly he's just a big snuggle bug.  And seriously, just the sweetest cat that ever did live.  Seriously.  And I couldn't be happier that I took him home one year ago today.      


this free bird said...

I'm all over this!! I love Buster and you and all the feral cats, cats in prison (indoor cats - hehe) and cats in the wild (outdoor and otherwise.

I love that you adopted him and didn't care about anything ailing him. I have 2 cats that were part of a pod of 3 ferals (think d-o-g on the 3rd-not pretty) and they are awesome!! Even though I couldn't touch them for the first couple years they loved me and stayed close to me all the time. YAY!

The chef has a little cat we found on the street outside church one sunday morning. Her family moved and left her behind and she was peering through the fence into her former backyard where a big ol' dog now lived.

I bet Buster appreciates you SO MUCH! You're his hero!! Yay!

You can tell this is a huge deal to me. Long live the cats!


fore front said...

god! i'm in love with Buster!!!

Kristin W said...

Well I love Carrie's post above! OMG. I am totally a cat lover. I grew up with cats but didn't want one of my own because of the litter box....until D got me a kitten. In love. You're right...there is totally something about a cat being YOURS. You raising/saving it and loving it.

Buster looks like a sweetheart! I definitely applaud you adopting him even with his health problems. We had a cat with FIV growing up.

This post made me so happy :) I hope to hear more about Buster!

Blair said...

Laura! I love this actually made me a little teary. Seriously I never knew that I could love something like I love my animals...its an amazing thing having a cat around. Good for you for adopting a special needs kitty. Buster is very lucky!

Marissa said...

Aww! He's like a toothless old man. So adorable! I'm a dog person, but I would totally go for a snuggly cat like Buster!

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