Thursday, October 7, 2010

Head and shoulders above the rest.

Yes, please.  I love a good hat.  Or headpiece.  Or really anything that goes on your head.  Remember my love for veils

It's so easily cast aside, the head.  What a perfect opportunity for an accessory, yet so easily denied. 

I think the most important part to creating an outfit, as opposed to putting clothes on for the day, is accessories and dimension.  A t-shirt and jeans is just a t-shirt and jeans, but throw in a couple of accessories and it immediately adds dimension to an otherwise staid set of clothes.  Voila!  Outfit.   

What I'm saying is -- don't forget the head.  It's an otherwise unexpected location for an accessory and immediately steps up your game.

Little known fact:  I have a very small head and most hats don't fit me.  So sad, but true.  If you don't wear them for yourself, please wear them for me! 


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

So true so true. You can definitely go from blah to wow! when I am feeling a bit of a plane jane I go ahead and work on my accessories and I put my hair up in a french braid and paired off with some gold multiply stringy headband. Or sometimes I go for a hat if it is outdoors.

D&D said...

great hat!!!

just a girl said...

Yes, definite hat love. Thanks, ladies!

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