Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harry Pottah.

Is anyone else as excited about this as much as I am??  I saw a commercial for it yesterday [during Parenthood] and literally squealed out loud.  Thank god I have something to look forward to because now that the wedding is over my life is an empty abyss.  Er, not really.  Have I ever told you I am really dramatic?  Whatevs.  HARRY POTTER!

*Go here to watch in full. 


D&D said...


Kristin W said...

YES YES and YES! Omg...the trailer literally gives me chills and made me shed a tear. I've posted the trailer on my facebook, blog, emailed it, etc. etc. Also totally re-read the book in prep. Yay!!!

I'm only saddened that I only get to see one part!

just a girl said...

I'm so happy I am not alone!

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