Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glittery goodness.

Katie and I had talked about her wearing these to her rehearsal dinner.  Alas, she did not have the time to order them and decided there were things probably more important than glittery booties.  [Sometimes I don't know why we're friends... I keed, I keed.]  I'm going to take her passing on them as my invite to bestow them to the world.  Well, the few who read my blogger, that is.  Sooooo, please, someone -- take advantage of these beauties.  Especially because they are only $60.  $60 for pure joy, people!  I think that's a pretty damn good price.

I am currently trying to figure out what to wear to the Friday night shindig.  How did I not think about this til now??  I was so distracted by the actual wedding!  So far I've made the decision that sequins plus a tulle skirt maaaayyy be too much.  I'm totally still bringing the sequins in case I have a last-minute change of heart.  But, most likely, I'll go with the tulle.  And all black.  Don't want to scare away everyone the minute I meet them.  Then they'd get their place cards the next day, glance over to see who they'd be eating with, see me and think, "Oh GOD, not the sequins and tulle girl!!"  Let's not have that happen.  [Let's make sure we're on the same page:  I wouldn't be wearing them at the wedding -- I'm not that ridiculous.]

So, your job:  Buy these amazing shoes and thank me later.

My job:  Figure out outfit for Friday night shindig AND Sunday brunch.
               Make sure they are clean.
               Do laundry. [because they will totally not all be clean.  I'm not a saint.]
               Plus all the other things on my mental to-do list.  [I was going to list them here in some sort of comedic form and then realized it was just my to-do list and that is BAHHOORRRINNNG, so I won't.  You're welcome.]

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