Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I found my words.

I stumbled upon this print last night while searching for something blue for the bride-to-be.  You can see that I am easily distracted.  First off I want to say that I had no idea how much I loved to be surrounded by words.  In fact, after my whole positive affirmation diatribe you'd think I wouldn't care for them at all.  That is not the case.  Obviously.  I saw this and literally had to stop.

It's only made better by the fact that it's a quote from Winnie the Pooh!  I guess Christopher Robin says it, minus the last line about being loved more than you know.  [The artist added that in and I completely approve.]  It is unadulterated sweetness and I want it.  It is something that I could easily be reminded of more often.

To be completely honest, I rarely purchase anything that I post here.  Unless I said I bought it, of course.  But something about putting it out there in the cyber world fulfills my incessant need for wanting -- this is a good thing.  I only say this because today is not that case.  This will be mine and I know exactly where I'm going to put it.  Please don't call me trite.

In other news:  I'm a guest blogger today over at Beehive Blog.  I created an outfit for them folks and you should totally check it out!     

1 comment:

Kristin W said...

I need this in my classroom at school as my daily affirmation. School has been getting me pretty down lately but that totally lifted my spirits today!

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