Monday, November 1, 2010


How was your Halloween?  I spent my entire weekend in bed watching Glee.  For real.  I should not admit this, but I watched the ENTIRE first season of Glee.  I should remind you that I was sick [hence my bedridden state], but that doesn't change the fact it was the perfect weekend.  I don't think anyone was happier than me. Well, maybe Buster.

I came late to this bandwagon, but now I am all here; I am officially obsessed and in love with all of those lil' Gleesters.  Though I must admit my raging jealousy for Lea Michele.  Jesus Christ that girl can sing!  Something like that shouldn't be allowed, or I'll stand by my idea that she isn't human.  Seriously.  And Finn is just the cutest.  What a little button!  I kinda love them all, but I think Artie is my favorite.  Oh wait, there's Kurt.  I love Kurt so much AND his dad!  When his dad threw the smack down on Finn for using that word, I just about died.  We're not even gonna get started about the episode this season with Kurt and his dad, my god I was a silly crying mess.  Well, now I'm just rambling and repeating plot points of certain episodes.  I just wanted to tell you all about my new obsession and thought maybe I'd find others like myself.

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samantha. said...

i don't have cable-- so i don't watch any tv. but glee. love it!


D&D said...

my boyfriend and i never make plans on tuesdays anymore. you can probably guess why...

welcome to gleekville.

just a girl said...

Yay! I'm so happy other people understand the glory of Glee!

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