Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rizzo would approve.

Sometimes I get a little sick of all the sparkle that is so readily available during the holidays.  There, I said it.  Well, sick of it isn't really the best term, more like it loses its frivolity and unexpectedness.  I think it would be more unexpected to ditch the sequins and rock something with a great pattern.  (You gotta have something crazy happening somewhere; I'm not very staid when it comes to dressing.) 

I think this dress would be FANTASTIC with some cranberry tights and cream sweater.  Can't you see it?  I can!  Or if cranberry tights scare you away, this dress would be most perfect with a precise red pout.  I love the 50s style and think it adds enough whimsy to replace sequins.  Especially if you twirl.  


forefrontfash said...

you have a point.

this free bird said...

Now you know I do love a sequin. However, come January 1st - unless you're Cher or a tranny - that sequin goes away for a minimum of 10 months minus any tipsy parties.

I do still love them for now though. hehe

Now polka dots I love allllllll year long.


just a girl said...

Ha, we feel the exact opposite way about sequins, Carrie. I love it!

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