Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Weekend.

You guys know Sharon Montrose, right?  She takes the most amazing and adorable pictures of animals, as evidenced above.  I fell in love with this baby raccoon.  Doesn't it look like he knows how to get down?!

I hope you have as much fun this weekend as this baby raccoon would!  What are you guys up to?  I'm hoping and praying for no snow even though it's supposed to be sixty on Sunday; Chicago can be a cheap  trick when it comes to weather.  I plan on doing some drinking and shopping [not for me, I'm still on my shopping hiatus - but with someone else to offer my expertise] and catching up since I bailed on last weekend.  And am very much looking forward to it.


angelasw said...

That guy is way too cute! Also, I'm not ready for snow, so let's be shush with the "s" word.

just a girl said...

You're so right, I won't mention it again!

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