Monday, November 29, 2010

From War to Peace.

I was going to buy one of these for my mom for Christmas, but I've been told we're on a Christmas gift ban.  At least for them.   "Just be good," that's all that my mom wants.  Well, she sure is missing out because this would've been an awesome gift!  You should get one for your own mom, or someone else special in your life.  Or not so special.  Whatever.

This pendant is the combination of a heart and dove and is made out of recycled copper from disarmed nuclear missile systems.  How incredible is that?  (And it's only $22!  Score.) 

There are MANY pieces to choose from, this just happens to be my favorite.  You should definitely go check out the store for yourself and not just to cross someone off your Christmas list.  


Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

What is up with the parents this year? My mother's on the ol' Christmas gift ban, too. One of my bffs called yesterday and said the same...more for us? Okay that was just wrong.


just a girl said...

I know! It always feels so weird them gifts, but the vet bills I'm wracking up -- I'll take it.

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