Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roaming around town.

Hey there, casual.  I've missed you.  I would kill to roam about town in this puppy.  Those tights are cable-knit, in case you can't see; I think the texture really adds to the outfit.  I was looking for a scarf that was more plum-colored, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the lighter purple scarf with the outfit.  I think it's unexpected and charming.  And I'm a big fan of any outfit with a good pair of brogues.

This might be one of my favorite outfits I've put together, if I don't say so myself.  It's tough to look effortlessly put together, and I think this is casual rock chic at its best.  Again, if I don't say so myself.  What a braggart I've become!

What do you think of said outfit?  Anything you'd do differently?

ps Four new Facebook fans:  Thanks, team!  Only five more to go.  


Bridgid said...

Ah, yes, shorts and tights. I saw this EVERYWHERE when I was overseas and was appalled by how poorly executed it was most of the time. But this is so cute! Also, that bag is killing me.

just a girl said...

It's only $100 on sale, Bridg!

Anonymous said...

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