Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Airport Arrival.

I spent the last weekend planning my holiday vacations.  Are you guys doing the same?  I've lived in a different state from my family for over nine years now and it has become a very common thing for me to figure out flights and schedules and luggage that I almost don't think about it.  Almost.  I have to admit, every year is slightly different and I'm still figuring out the best combination for all of the above.  Sometimes I pack too much, sometimes too little.  Sometimes I stay too long, sometimes too little.  I will master it all one day, I promise. 

Today I've put together the traveling outfit to end all traveling outfits.  I think it would be comfortable, and warm, and transitional, and the shoes are easy to remove.  Best of all: it's stylish.  All of the above are paramount to an airport outfit.  And I'm especially partial to this one.

Do you love it?  Or do you think it's ridiculous [yes, those are faux leather pants]?

[Let's forget that these TOMS are a man's shoe because that was the color and texture I wanted and couldn't find it elsewhere.  At least not quickly enough.  You know what I mean.] 


Taylor said...

Can I have it all???? After seeing this...I think I am taking the faux leather plunge....eeks!

And now I officially need WINTER colored TOMS! Thanks! (light yellow will not do!)

Lauren said...

I love this outfit!! Super cute and comfortable...although may go with a natural fiber pant ;)

just a girl said...

Taylor, you should totally take the faux leather plunge!

And you too, Lauren!!

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