Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kate Moss.

The new and final Kate Moss collection for Topshop has hit the airwaves.  Or cyberwaves.  Or whatever.  Either way you look at it, I like it.  It's more than I'd like to spend since I'm currently on a spending hiatus.

Did I not tell you that?  I'm on a spending hiatus.  Well, a clothes/shoes/purse spending hiatus.  Not a wine spending hiatus -- that would just be a fallacy.

But YOU should not be on a spending hiatus and I think you should check er out!  There is so much more than the three dresses I've posted here, including a To.Die.For glittery column gown or two.  You know.  I want to wear that first dress with tights and boots SO BADLY.  Can't you just see it??  I can.  It's totes my fav-o-rite.

Get yee to a website [or brick and mortar if you're so lucky] and posthaste.  I am sure these dressings won't last very long.    

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forefront said...

i want #2

just a girl said...

Too bad some of these are already sold out. Oops!

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