Monday, November 22, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell does it again.

All Lori's, All Day.  This must be my motto for today.

I saw these boots and sighed out loud.  I think they would be perfect for Chicago's winter.  Of course they'd need to be weather-treated, but I actually think the more beat up they get, the better they'd look.  And I'm swooning over this color.  I would wear these with black leggings all winter.  All winter.  They have rubber on the bottom, so they won't slip.  Perfection, I tell you.

And, I think they'd be great for a not-so-brutal winter location.  Feel free to wrack em up, ladies!

Update:  It's 65 degrees today.  Whattup, Chicago?  You're making my posts incredibly inappropriate. 


Lauren said...

I sighed out loud...scrolled down and saw that you sighed out loud! I ♥ these boots. Can you find me an identical pair for around $50?

Katie said...

I love everything about these boots. Everything.

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