Friday, November 12, 2010


Do you guys remember these things?  What are they called?  Am I wrong in thinking that they are the same thing, if not related to those little yellow "flowers" in people's yards?  My memory is failing me.  What I DO remember is picking them and making a wish while blowing to make sure each piece flew away.  If they were all gone once you opened your eyes then your wish would come true.  Did you guys do that too or am I totally sounding strange?

Anyway, I wish you all have a wonderful weekend!!  It's been the longest week ever, right?  Some ups and downs and I am ready to just chill out.  I actually have the same plans that I had last weekend and I am totally okay with that.  What are your plans?

ps I already bought my Harry Potter ticket!!  Eeep.  I am SO excited!

pps I totally set up my hair appointment!  Remember when I talked about it forever ago here?  Next week I'm gonna need luck with the hair dresser wrath, and I have absolutely decided to go with the bangs.  Thank god for decisions!


Jen said...

I remember these! I remember these! But I think they're weeds, aren't they? Oh well, they're still beautiful and I always made wishes when I blew!

Marissa said...

They're dandelions! And, yes, they are weeds, but very pretty ones. :)

just a girl said...

YES, dandelions! My dad used to always get mad because we would blow these all over the yard, which spreads the seeds all over only for more to grow. And there was a rhyme we would say when popping the yellow heads off, but I can't remember that either. Man, my childhood is fading fast!

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