Thursday, July 1, 2010

A bit of a potluck.


I first saw this beauty on The Neo-Traditionalist [she always posts the best stuff] and I just can't get it out of my head. I believe I called it inventive, but really it is incredibly breezy, too. This bride DID THE POLKA DOTS HERSELF. Did you hear me? Herself. She bought the dress off the rack and added the polka dots. I could die. [I think I just saw a commercial for Rachel Zoe. I watch too much Bravo.] I love it. All of it. Including the Steve Madden shoes.

***It's my momma's birthday today!! After my sister's birthday post I knew I'd be setting myself up for a precedence I just couldn't keep, so I think I'll tone it down a bit with this one. My mom is a Very Important Person and has the verrrryyyy busy job of running an extraordinarily large elementary school. I love my Mom very much. I love how she is supportive and excited about what her children decide to do with their lives. I love how she manages to walk the fine line between mother and friend so well. I love the example she sets for hard work, perseverance, AND setting and reaching goals. I love her hostess capabilities. I love how my friends truly like my mom too and want to say hi when I'm in town. I love staying up late, drinking wine, and talking for hours on a dark porch with my Mom. That's the best. Honest to god, the best. Happy birthday to the best mom on the planet!! I am one lucky girl to call her mine.***

Did anyone else notice that I've been blogging for three months and throughout the previous months I posted exactly 43 posts each?! [Look to your right. Er, scroll up and to your right.] I wouldn't have been able to do that if I had tried. Amazing.

I told you today was a bit of a potluck.

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