Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Do you guys know about P.O.S.H.? [I blogged an item from them here.] A shop that opened in 1997 in lovely Chicago that wanted to change it up from the normal finds around and about home decor. It's kind of like having someone else do your flea market shopping for you. Actually, it's exactly like that! These were some of my favorite finds, but you should check it out for yoself. Check out their website or, for my Chicago peeps, head to the store!

"Las Jarras" salt and pepper shakers.
Jadite tumblers.
Vintage hand-turned wooden mortar and pestle from Spain.
Summer-plaid placemats.


Katie said...


just a girl said...

We should definitely go sometime!!

Scott Althoff said...

I need a new mortar and pestle.

just a girl said...

You should get this one. It's from Spain!

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