Friday, July 30, 2010

Full disclosure.

I love reality shows. Like, really love reality shows. I watch a lot of them, too many of them. Sometimes I feel like I know more about reality stars than any human should, but ultimately I don't care what other people think -- I like me some fake reality.

None I like more than Bethenny Getting Married? [what's with the question mark?] After watching this show, I feel like I would follow Bethenny into the depths of hell. Wow, that's creepy, but seriously she is just so entertaining and seemingly forthright. And I love Jason, her new husband; I love their relationship and how they find ways to comfort each other and make each other laugh. They just had a baby on last night's episode and it was so sweet! Their incredible joy was evident and I certainly teared up a time or two. [I told you this was full disclosure!]

Anyway, I'll be sad when the show ends and I really hope Bravo renews it for more seasons. I'm sure they will, it seems Bravo had their best July ratings ever. I told you Bethenny was good.

Not to mention her Skinnygirl Margaritas are delish!

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D&D said...

i met her once and she told me i had a nice bum. no lie. i love her.

just a girl said...

I am SO JEALOUS. How sweet of her!

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