Friday, July 9, 2010

The Franklin Collection.

I am so in love with these necklaces! I want one NOW. Right now. What a great message and how wonderful to have such a tactile reminder of something of value. I just can't decide which one I would choose! Plus you can choose any different stone combination or keep it plain.

Jess is a jewelry designer who lives in Chicago and keeps an inspiring blog about making under your life, creating a life full of intention with who you already are. She and other great bloggers called the Delightful Dozen created and styled the lookbook, a bit of which you can see here. I totally suggest checking it out for yourself, so you can see all the goodness! And, of course, getting yerself an amazing necklace. Do it. Everyone else is.

1 comment:

assistantedelanguevivtante said...

These necklaces are lovely, but not nearly as lovely as the red floral polka-dotted shirt in the first photo.

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