Friday, February 25, 2011


Guess what weekend it is?!  OSCAR WEEKEND!  This may just be my most favorite weekend ever.  I love it all: the great dresses, the bad dresses, the speeches, the surprises, and the not-so-surprises.  I eat it up.  All of it.

If I had one wish it would be that they happen on Saturday and not Sunday because Monday morning comes rilllll quick when you've bathed in champagne the night before.

Do you guys have plans?  I'm in prep mode all weekend.  I'm going to see 127 Hours tonight (wish me luck!!).  Grocery shopping on Saturday -- Dominicks, please get ready for me to raid your champagne stock.  I'm planning on making hot spinach dip and brownies (er, not together).  Plus other goodies like hummus and veggies, pizza, and goldfish.  I don't mess around.

Do you guys love the Oscars like I do, or could you care less?

I will definitely have some sort of post-Oscars wrap up, but it may not be on Monday due to the aforementioned extravaganza.

photo via abby try again  


Marissa said...

127 Hours was great! I promise there' only one gruesome scene. The rest is just anticipation.

Britt said...

SO EXCITED for the Oscars! Tonight after work I am heading to Party City to pick up some fun things. I am working on the menu as we speak:) Yay for pretty dresses!!

Ali said...

I love watching the oscars arrivals, although I haven't been to the movies enough lately to care about the actual ceremony. I wish they were on a saturday too because being on sunday night in the US means that it's screened on monday at noon in Australia, when I'm at work! they replay it later but then it goes too late. it would be the perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon (ie right now), but no such luck.

just a girl said...

Marissa - Thanks for the heads up, it definitely helped. I have to say it still KILLED me, but more so because of the emotional element. I seriously haven't cried like that in a movie theatre since Boys Don't Cry.

Brittany - I saw the photos from your Oscar party -- it looked AMAZING!

Ali - That sounds brutal! But I may deal with that to live in Australia =)

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