Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color Lust.

First of all, I love this color combination.  In fact, I have my own version of it that was kind of a color fail on my part.  My down coat that I've lived in every day this winter is blue because I was sick of the ubiquitous black, and I wanted some mustard gloves to go along with it.  Unfortunately the gloves I got turned out to be more of a marigold.  Not exxxaccctly what I was going for, but I'm too cheap to try again.  Sooo I am officially now walking around wearing my high school colors every day -- I never had school spirit in high school, maybe I'm making up for it now (though I do cringe whenever I think about it).  Oh well, I was close to having The Sartorialist's newly noticed color scheme (or color story, as he calls it).  I was THINKING it!!

I'd also like to discuss the heeled duck boots...  Whoa!  I've never seen anything like them and I'm totally smitten.  It's nothing I would wear myself, but I recognize the hawtness happening and tip my hat to this lovely lady.  I tip my hat.

Do you guys have other fashion choices that you can respect from afar, but would never attempt yourself?  And what do you think of the deep teal and mustard combo?  I'm la la loving it!

photo via The Sartorialist  


Marissa said...

This is the color scheme I have going in my living room! :)

this free bird said...

i love the deep teal and mustard. i love the heeled duck boots, too!! good grief it is such a fantastic combo. i look at socks in shoes from afar...the verdict is still out for me, but i see people who pull it off flawlessly.


Danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

Love it. I feel like I can't pull most things off, so yes. Lots of fashion choices that I just can't do. I'm with Carrie. Socks + heels. I'm just not that cool.

just a girl said...

Ooooh, Marissa. I bet that looks awesome!

I totally agree, Carrie and Danielle. Socks and heels are too scary for me (and my big calves), but I love them on other people.

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