Monday, February 28, 2011


WTH.  I am sadly disappointed with this year's Academy Awards.  There were so many thing that I felt were either too boring or disappointing that I don't even know what to say.

First off, the fashion was HORRENDOUSLY disappointing.  I seriously am hard-pressed to find a favorite.  In fact, I find all of the fashion so lacking that I will only include one picture and it is not one that I thought I would include at the beginning of the night...

I know, I know.  Some people called it a Baywatch replica, but I loved this dress and I loved Jennifer Lawrence in it.  She was so fantastic in Winter's Bone and managed to hit it out of the park on this one as well.  Yes, it is simple.  But she is banging and manages to look both youthful and sexy all at the same time.  There are other dresses that I liked, but no one else managed to do the trifecta of hair, make-up, and dress all right except Jennifer Lawrence.  Her make-up is FLAWLESS and the hair is a perfect compliment to the dress.  Well done, Jennifer.  I don't care what anyone else has to say.  

I liked Natalie Portman, but I hated her earrings, or earring.  And her hair: terrible. 

Reese Witherspoon looked like Oscar Barbie in a pale comparison of the winning Julia Roberts' dress.

Jennifer Hudson's boobs were a train wreck that I COULD NOT LOOK AWAY FROM.

Melissa Leo tried too hard, just like she tried too hard with her "for your consideration" photos.

Michelle Williams looked like a human icicle. 

Amy Adams rocked a great dress, but bad hair and a TERRIBLE necklace choice. 

I liked Gywneth.  I did.  She was dripping in metal, but there was something about the waistline that was discomforting.

And I want nothing to do with so many more.  

Let's also discuss how stoned James Franco was and how he seemed like he didn't care AT ALL about what was happening.  And how Anne Hathaway tried so hard to compensate for that; it's like she was a thirteen year old girl who had never seen a celebrity before, not to mention read a cue card.  Her fake laughs (maybe real??) were grating by the end of the telecast.

Like I said on Facebook, the most surprising moment of the night was Billy Crystal's face lift.  I will never be the same now that I know a male comedian who was never known for his looks has, too, fallen to the Hollywood regime.  

With that said, I love Colin Firth and the boy with the afro who won for Live Action Short Film.

What did you guys think?  Do you agree or disagree with my gruffness?     


flynn said...

I didn't watch the show, so I liked Anne Hathaway's vintage silver dress. The rest were ho-hum at best. I really wanted to like Mila Kunis' lavender thing, but I had trouble getting past the see-through bits on her legs - it was just a lot going on.

I wanted Reese Witherspoon to go even farther with the Barbie; silly-high shoes, tiny coral mouth, huge amounts of black eyeliner and a bit of blue shadow - that would have been completely cheeky. I'd wear Scarlett Johanson's dress in a heartbeat, but I think this is more due to it being my favorite shade of electric plum topped with ridiculous eye-shadow.

Bridgid said...

I really loved Nicole Kidman's dress.

Bwaahahahahahahaha! Just kidding, you guys.

Milk Woman said...

I soooooo agree with you! And I want a dress like Jennifer Lawrence's!

Moni said...

I read about Livia Firth's (Colin Firth's wife) upcycled dress. It was made from 11 dresses. Woah. I think it looked better than some of the other dresses on the red carpet.

forefrontfash said...

100% agree.
you nailed it sista!

just a girl said...

Flynn - I loved the color of Scarlett's dress! And the back. But that was about it.

Bridgid - I thought you were serious for a second and I was very, very scared.

Milk Woman - I want a BODY like Jennifer Lawrence's!

Moni - Wow, that is amazing! I'll definitely have to check it out again.

Forefront (Laura?) - Thanks! I was a little "Champagned" when I wrote this, so I'm glad you agree. =)

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