Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cream + Sweet Potato.

I never thought I would be so charmed by someone naming a color sweet potato.  But I am.  Charmed.

This lovely tote would be a lovely addition to any wardrobe.  Including yours!


Lacey in the City said...

I love that they named a color Sweet Potato!

It seems that my cousin, Michelle Hirschfeld, is a friend of yours in real life, and she noticed that I happen to follow your blog as a total coincidence! Crazy, right???

Anonymous said...

So...I bought a rucksack from this vendor on Etsy. This is the one that's all your fault because you introduced me the Etsy Taste Test, and this came up in my taste test. Love my bag, though. She let me customize the colors and was awesome with correspondence.

Katie Scherer

just a girl said...

OH my god, that is crazy, Lacey!! Michelle is great and I can't believe what a small world it is =)

I am SO HAPPY that it all worked out for you, Katie! Maybe you should get one for Frankie, too? She is too cute for her own good.

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