Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whoa, Domesticity!

Newsflash:  I am not flush with the cash.

Newsflash II:  Healthy eating is the new black.

My attempt to conquer both newsflash items above is in full swing.  How funny that these two seem to go hand in hand?  My love of french fries will never be quelled, but I'm doing what I can to become the domestic goddess of my dreams.  And this fabo blog has been the anecdote to my laziness.  I've already made two recipes, including a soup from scratch -- that I proceeded to eat for lunch every day this week.  Someone should be bowled over by this because it is certainly not "the norm" for this lil' girl!  A soup from scratch?  Never!

"Well, hello, chicken stock.  It's very nice to meet you!" 

Not only does Gina make things that are simple enough for my brain to digest, but they are fun AND delicious AND low fat.

The thing that's really nice about getting the ball rolling is that it only inspires you to do more.  Things like, well, maybe I could steam some broccoli and add that to my dinner!  Sadly, this is never anything I wanted to do before.  What can I say?  I'm the baby of the family.  (That's my excuse.)

And while I'm eating my healthy potato (re: cauliflower) soup at lunch it's saving me the ten bucks I would've spent elsewhere!  Two birds.  I tell ya, I got the smarts from somewhere.

I realize I am late to this game and y'all probably have beaucoup knowledge about this thing you call cooking, so I thought I'd ask...

Where do you go for inspiration?  What do you do for cheap, easy meals?  (Please note [if you haven't already] that I am as green as green can be and things like Smitten Kitchen, though incredibly lovely, kinda scare me to pieces.)


angie said...

I simply look up recipes online and revise them using similar ingredients but never the exact recipe. I mean, there are times the I do make the exact recipe but when I decide to make up my own, I use other recipes as inspiration sometimes even combining parts of a few different ones!

Melissa said...

I'd recommend

It searches other recipe sites for the best ones. And it lets you search for things like 'Easy' to only show things with simple steps. You can also adjust your search with things like 'don't show recipes with mushrooms' if you don't have or don't like a main ingredient. See what you think!

Danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

I love this! I have a great black bean veggie burger recipe on my blog. I make TONS of veggie soup. Have you had cauliflower mashed potatoes? (at least I think that's the formal name). They are amazing!

So, I love Buster. I have joked about getting two dogs -- Buster & Lucille 2.

flynn said...

101cookbooks, pioneer woman cooks, tastykitchen, fresh365online.

just a girl said...

Thanks, guys! This is all really helpful.

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