Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking a fine line.

Warning:  Blogger-heavy post ahead.

I've been a bad blogger lately.

I haven't supported the community; I've dropped off.  It's almost as if I'm in the witness protection program.  I know that I garner some of my biggest support from fellow bloggers, but sometimes I can't bring myself to read all those blogs.  Don't get me wrong, they are GREAT!  All of them.  I am so thankful and grateful for their/your support and I am so grateful and thankful for their/your inspiration... I just hit a blogging wall every once in a while.

I'm not sure my thoughts are making it to the page correctly, but I thought I'd give it a stab because it's been bugging me.  I am in a blogging slump.  Do you guys notice?  I never know if you can tell when I'm struggling on the blogging front, but I thought it might be best to throw it all out into the ether.  Trying to find the right balance between "real life" and blogging is something I continually struggle with -- I don't think I'm going out on a limb by assuming you all have your own similar struggle, even if it isn't blogging.

Plus, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all that is out there; there is so much happening and I can't help but wonder what little me has to offer in all the greatness.  When this happens I know I need to take a breather and remember why I started my blog in the first place, but it unfortunately results in some less than stellar blog posts and little to no support for my community.    

All of this is to say that I recognize that I've been MIA (eee gad, that rhymes) and hope to remedy that soon.  Like I said, I don't want anyone to think that I don't appreciate nor reciprocate the support I receive here.  Sometimes life takes over and it's easy to get off track, but I'm hoping to figure out the right balance and be back in fighting shape asap.

And, most of all... Thank you for sticking around during the blah!

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Melisssa said...

And your blog is lovely. Always.
Even your really short posts make me coo and/or sigh contentedly.

Bridgid said...

I hear what you're saying, but my feeling is that no one is going to find inspiration all the time. It's a tough job posting several time a day. Also, you have been dealing with LIFE a whole lot lately. I think it's great that you acknowledged how you've been feeling and that you WILL work through it!

just a girl said...

Thanks, guys. You are GREAT friends.

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