Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Figure Eight.

I wear a scarf almost daily.  In fact, yes, it's a daily part of my wardrobe.  (When you live in Chicago scarves become a necessity, not just an accessory.)  I have so many scarves that my sister said my closet looked like Stephen Tyler's -- before his American Idol stint nonetheless.

All of this to say that I have never tied my scarf this way, and I like it.  I've gotten half way there, but never the full figure eight; I am happy for the tutorial.  I thought you might be, too. 

Even if it's supposed to be 50 degrees on Wednesday (HELL YEAH).

found here, original here.


Lauren said...

I'm wearing a scarf's now in a figure 8 :)

Kelly said...

Aaah this is great!

just a girl said...

I love it!

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