Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Nothing.

I have nothing today.  It's almost as if The Nothing has taken over. 

Let's just hope my horse doesn't sink into the Swamp of Sadness.  I'm STILL not over that.

(You know, from The NeverEnding Story.  If you don't, get your ass to a movie store stat.  I personally own this piece of cinema greatness, but let's not mention that I own because I basically stole it from a guy I did a show with years ago.  I didn't know I wouldn't ever see him again!  Hey, I lost my Lost in Translation in a very similar situation, so I'm gonna say I'm tit for tat on that one.)

photo via ALXMAC (Is that a reference to Alec Mack? The awesome tv show?)


Lauren said...

Scout looks like The Nothing when she gets her lip stuck to her's really funny. We make her mouth move while saying "I...AM...THE NOTHING!!!" in a slow raspy voice. Yeah, we need to get lives!

Kristin W said...

YES!! I actually used to be a little freaked out by the neverending story. It is more awesome as I grow older :)

just a girl said...

Aww, Scout!

It is totally freaky, Kristin. Especially when you're a kid!

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