Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Style.

I love me a good awards show; I laugh, I cry, I clap while all sitting in my apartment by myself. For real. I have very large reactions to speeches and I get so excited for the people who win. AND I love the dresses. Don't you? It's always a full afternoon of pre-show red carpet specials when I can make sharp judgments from my living room. These are my favorites from last night's Emmy awards. Which dresses did you like?

All photos from InStyle


D&D said...

everyone is so skinny!

assistantedelanguevivtante said...

Call me crazy pants but I Loved Tina Fey's dress. It's so intricate- it's hard to peel your eyes away!

just a girl said...

I know! Even Kelly Osborne is crazy skinny!!

I thought Tina Fey did much better than she normally does, but it was too high-necked and -backed [if those are words] for me. To each their own =)

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