Friday, August 20, 2010

Cobalt crazy.

Remember how I told you I was obsessed with cobalt blue? And I really like pink, but not enough to carry around a pink purse. Well, well, well. Looks like someone got into my brain! Isn't this clutch gorge?? I made an audible inhalation when I saw it -- it literally took my breath away. So good. So, so good.

I love the idea of a pop of color with any outfit. And I think cobalt blue is chic enough to stand on its own. Paired with LBD? Perfect. Paired with a LWD? Even better! Pair it with kahki, pair it with navy, pair it with orange. See? It's more versatile than you think! I would especially love to see it paired with a jade green dress and gold shoes.

And then there's this guy. What do you think? I have my eye out for a grey hobo bag and this just might fit the bill. I'm really digging how the straps are black and it seems like the most lovely leather. And just enough hardware, I think. But perhaps you think it is too simple? What are your thoughts?

All thanks to unruly things who posted her bag and spoke of the wonderful people/shop of Ellington. If only I lived in Portland. Or, at least visited for a weekend. But who is kidding who, that's what online shops are for!

Ha! I totally forgot to wish you guys a happy weekend. This has been a weird week for me and I can't believe I forgot it was FINALLY Friday. With that said, have a fabulous weekend, my friends!!


Taylor said...

ooo that cobalt blue clutch - I.DIE.

just a girl said...

I know! They have it in red and black as well, but the blue is perfection!

ag. said...

i am in love with BOTH of those purses...the cobalt blue with a peak of pink? just perfect! i definitely think it goes with much more than first meets the eye.
and i'm looking for a bag just like that second one...nice and simple with several unique may have just done my shopping! :)

Bridgid said...

I feel like I'm always looking for a grey hobo myself, and I think that one is terrif.

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