Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A campground I can get behind.

I would totally go camping if it always looked like this! Isn't it incredible? I want s'mores and campfires and stars. And the comfort of a beautifully designed tent. Check! I've only been camping once [I think!] and it was when I was a kid. Frankly, I'm afraid I've become too prissy to live in the outside for even a couple of nights. I'm more a spend-the-day-and-evening-outside-then-retire-to-a-warm-and-dry-cabin kind of girl. But I seriously think I'd be able to hang if it were in this campground! I'm really good at roasting marshmallows. Just sayin'.

First seen on The Sweetest Occasion where you can see a couple more pics.


SAMI. said...

i LOVE camping! but only for a weekend! my tent has never looked that glam! love the pics!


just a girl said...

I could definitely only handle campling for a weekend, if that!

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