Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Outfit Tuesdays: Beat the Heat.

Beat the Heat.

Beat the Heat. by justagirlandherstuff featuring mulberry bags

It is so freakin hot out I can barely stand it.  Humidty, heat, and one out-dated ac unit does not a happy girl make.  Seriously, I am BURNING up.

Okay.  I'm done complaining.

Sorry I was MIA yesterday!  The weekend was so epic it wore this girl out and I was left with no inspiration or will to blog.  Again, my apologies.

But I'm back today with an outfit, and one that I especially dig.  

That's all.


Bridgid said...

I dig this too. It's about as much clothing as I can stand to put on right now. Holy heat wave!

just a girl said...

I.Cannot.Wait. for this heat to be over. OVER.

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