Thursday, July 14, 2011

Infomercial Day.

Do any of you have the Sobakawa Could Pillow?  Because I'm reeeeeaaaalllly considering buying it.  It just sounds sooo dreamy.  (I guess that pun was kind of intended.  Sorry.)  But, for serious, I'm a side sleeper and these babies look like just the support I need.  AND it saves the eggs!  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you are a better person than I.)

These Goody Spin Pins are AWESOME.  I repeat, AWESOME.  I have "fine hair, but a lot of it" as they say and an updo requires more than my fair share of bobby pins that inevitably get lost by the end of the night.  Not with these!  These two pins hold my hair wonderfully, even through a night's sleep.  AND no creases from a hair band or anything of the like.  Go. Get. Them.

I'm even considering going back for the mini pins specifically for the fun three bun tutorial from Cup of Jo.  I successfully achieved it once, but was slathered in bobby pins.  Seriously, I wouldn't have made it through a metal detector.

fyi: I bought them at Walgreens for less than listed on the link. 

UPDATE: The mini spin pins are SO NOT as effortless as their big sisters.  Stick with the originals, ladyfriends.  If you know what's good for ya.

This one is an oldie; I haven't seen it around for a while.  Don't buy it.  Not worth it.  That's it. 

Do you guys have any great products worth sharing?  I'm always game for a worthy purchase!


Tabitha said...

I've stared at those Goody pins in the store and wondered if they work. You're the 2nd blogger to say great things so I'll have to definitely try them out.

just a girl said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tabitha! I'm definitely obsessed with them, but did realize post-haircut that layers make the buns a little less clean. That I'm okay with, though.

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